Saturday, April 10, 2010

Word Count WOW (Updated)

(Update) Final word count for the night: 37,000 words. Damn. Time to break!
So....My goal for tonight was 35,0000 words. And I've gone over that by almost 2,000 words. And when I started writing this morning? I was only at 31,709. So....I'm not sure if I have no life, or if I'm going crazy. That's 5,000 words in one day. That's 3,000 more than I can usually write.

And considering I started off this morning with writer's block, and then hit it again after only 300 words...

So. Am I:
A) Crazy
B) Lacking a life
C) In the midst of a creative flow that's just too crazy to contemplate?

I'll update everyone with my final word count of the night - once I get there.

Until Next Time!


  1. Meredith! 37K!? You are like a cheetah. Can I please steal your powers of speed?

  2. Lol! You can BORROW them, if you'd like. But I'll need them back once I get over this latest bit of writer's block. Believe me, Amy, this is unusual for me! This hasn't happened in about four years. Even I'M surprised!