Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The End is Near!!! (But this is a good thing)

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news!!! I'm at 42,076 words on my WIP, and it's almost done! This is both a happy, exciting thing and also a sad thing.

Happy because I haven't been able to complete a manuscript in 4 years. Sad because I've enjoyed writing again, and I'm worried an idea like this won't come around again for another four years, and I'll be back to being depressed that I can't write anything good.

But hopefully the editing process for this current WIP will keep me busy long enough to accumulate new ideas and I'll be writing again shortly :)

Anyway, I said (on twitter) that I was headed to bed like..2 hours ago. So I think I need a break to refuel and decide my next scene. I can't decide if I want to do an "aftermath" of what just happened, or switch to the "Hell" scene and wrap up the loose ends there :) We'll see. I'll decide that tomorrow, I think. For now, bed!

Until Next time (when I'll hopefully be DONE with my WIP)
Meredith :)

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