Friday, April 2, 2010

Word Count Win!

I'm so excited right now. My plans for the night changed. And since I was tired and not feeling great, I stayed in and wrote. And in writing almost non-stop for several hours, I reached my 20,000 word count goal. And then some :)

I have to be up for work at 8:30am. So for now, I'm going to keep this short. I don't really have anything to say, anyway. I mostly just wanted to jump up and down and scream "I reached my goal" at the top of my lungs :)

Thanks for listening to me...say nothing :) Haha.

Until Next Time

PS: If you're curious, my current word count is 20,174. Tomorrow's goal? Meh...just gonna say 23,000 for now, since work will take up most of my free time. And then Sunday's goal is 25,000 - which will put me at about the halfway mark :)

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