Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm baaaa-aaack!!!

Hey everyone.

It's been a long, annoying, and unpleasant summer. But I'm back in Ithaca and I'm once again motivated to work on Project Gina. I kind of lost interest over the summer because too much was going on and I couldn't concentrate. But now I'm back. I have a LOT of classes and work to do this semester, but I promise to try and stay more up-to-date on this blog with what's happening.

I also have a few ideas for a couple new stories I want to try and get started on, although I think I left the notes for the one at home. I think I can remember most of the storyline, though.

So keeping this short, I will update soon with what I've gotten around to.

Have a good weekend everyone!
Until Next Time!