Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GMAIL Frustration...SOLVED!

So originally, I posted this blog with the following problem:

"This has nothing do with writing. but does anyone know how I can change this account over to my gmail account? Because I want to be able to use gmail followers instead of just hitting "follow" and have no picture show up. Anyone know how I can do this??"

But guess what? I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! So now when I follow people, my username comes up as "Meredith" - which is nice, because that's what my comments come up as - and a picture actually comes up! Now, I can't figure out how to CHANGE that picture. But for now, I'm just happy a picture actually COMES UP. So it's all good :)

Until Next Time (And with less frustration, I hope)

PS: Word count update: 13,001 (I love that random 1. Lol.)

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