Thursday, March 25, 2010

Outlining Isn't Easy - Without a Story

Whenever I hit writer's block, I'm told outlining helps to get through it. But how can you outline a story when there's no story to outline?

That's my dilemma. I just came up with this storyline a few days ago, and then incorporated something funny that happened to me a day or two after that. I started trying to write on Tuesday, but I really don't have anywhere to take it yet. I started with getting some character names set up, and a little brief background on my MC. I have one idea for one scene, and it's only half the scene at that.

I always say that the story I'm currently working on is my "baby" but I really kind of love this one. It's NOT a vampire story, which I've been obsessively working on and getting nowhere with. And that kinda makes it one that I'd actually like to finish. I've only ever finished one manuscript, and that was in 2006. It's time to finish another, and get back to querying. I've even been thinking of editing the one I first tried to get out there so long ago. We'll see what happens.

Until then, I have to leave for class in fifteen minutes. So...

Until Next Time

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